Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Food Photo Update!

*I wrote this entry yesterday but halfway through I kena distracted by Ben and he was refusing to let me concentrate on blogging so here I am, early in the morning, trying to finish this entry before I go out...

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Hey all.

I've been busy for the past couple of week and I'm feeling so tired! Just had a power nap of 20 mins and I briefly considered to just continue sleeping till tomorrow morning.

So basically, I was busy because of work as there are multiple events coming up and I had to be there for almost everything. I worked through the whole of last weekend so I'm really relieved to know that I have this weekend off!

My face is a complete disaster at the moment perhaps due to the lack of sleep. Someone bought me the Garnier anti-spot roll on thingy out of sudden one day and I was like, should I feel sweet or feel offended? Hahaha. I'm leaning towards feeling more sweet though. I like it when people do simple gestures for me like that. This someone went to get it after coming across bloggers' reviews on it and thought it should be quite effective and since I was complaining about my pimples, why not just try? Heh. Anyway, the product is quite good in reducing redness. But I don't think I'm doing much to help the situation because I've been eating alot of unhealthy stuff recently. I ate only fried chicken for 3 meals in a row can you believe it?!?!

Back to my week, lets start from the day before! I was working late most of the time so I've not been going home for dinner.

Went to Chompchomp to buy orhjian! This unit #01-33 sells very yummy orhjian! They put a lot fish sauce, so very nice. It's not easy to find good orhjian nowadays - mostly too dry!

Also went to get BBQ chicken wings for myself. ^_^ Happy! I can never get enough of BBQ wings.

Dropped by Downtown East on the way home to get Soyea beancurd as supper for my family.

Another day before, I was at Geylang for Lorong 9 frog congee. Ate it with rice though. I'm more of a rice person than a congee person. Haha. I only eat congee when I got the 'feel'.

How I wish they only sell frog legs! Only the leg part is nice but there are only a few pieces in each pot. Seriously, eating this for dinner won't get full de lor. Unless you finish the whole pot of plain congee yourself.

Bought durians home after that! The uncle was asking, "You want good one or normal one?" I immediately said "Normal!" Haha. To me, $2 durians are also not bad. He started introducing us the expensive durians before eventually pointing out the 3 for $20 durians... which we got in the end.

Was calling mum on the phone to ask her how many we usually eat (it has been so long so long so long since I last ate durians like that!), she said 10. I thought she was kidding, but she was for real!

The durian was good! The very yellow type. The kind that I like.

Afew days back, I ordered Sambal Seafood Fried Rice from a random zhichar stall and asked what's inside, because I want to take out the mussels if there are any. The staff said "only prawns"... and I was like, "okay, good!"

In the end when it comes, there's no prawns. At all. Only shrimps. HOW CAN SHRIMPS BE CONSIDERED SEAFOOD?!?! Ok I know they come from the sea also, but this plate should really be renamed to Hei-bi and egg fried rice. Seriously. Because there's really nothing else inside (besides some shreds of cabbage and carrot). Haha but I think I will order again lah, the fried rice quite nice. Would be nicer if they gave me my prawns.

Lets have a break on food. I dressed up my Carebear in a pretty floral tube dress! Haha. Cute right!

And then I also tucked my babydoll under the blanket! Haha this photo is supposed to be at the end of this entry if I managed to post this up last night but now it's so meaningless -_-

Was reading my archive and saw a blog entry in 2007 and took a photo for Ben on whatsapp. I really think that I used to be OVER open about my personal life on my blog. I sometimes cringe when I read my old entries. But apparently, everyone says they prefer me when I was TMI :-/

Just realized that my wallpaper very ugly. I think I chose the pink default previously. Time to find a nice background!

And this Ben got a bit too much or not. Everytime I chat with him, every 3 sentence he will HAHAHAHAHHA one time. Yep, like the printscreen above. Lol.

Not sure if I blogged about this photo before. Thought that it was the nicest steamboat photo I've ever taken. Usually steamboat photos are messy and ugly de!

Went to Iluma's 4th floor ramen place and I'M DEFINITELY GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. The ramen is just too awesome.

I had this... It was good but...

This one below is even more awesome! The meat is just so tender and they were really generous with the quantity too.

Dad tried cooking Mee Tai Bak for me and sis last week and he pestered me to take a photo of it and upload to instagram. Lol. It was nice!

I love the Minced pork noodle stall below my office. However, I don't always eat it because I find it such an hassle to order!

I usually like it this way:
"Bah Chor Mee, Dry, don't want chilli, don't want vinegar, don't want ketchup, don't want veggie, don't want liver, add $1 fish ball."

Check out this Bao that my mum steamed for me. It was those Bao in packaging that you see in supermarket. That day when I came home and see this I sian half. Lol. I want fat round Bao! But now I look at this photo I find it really funny. Hahahah have you ever seen such bao before???

Another supper picture to end the blog entry. Yes I'm rushing off already. Almost late! Good bye!

** Just realised that my update turned out to be mostly about food!


  1. where is the steamboat place??

  2. care to say what kind of job you are doing? dont need to be specific