Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Modmarket Flea

Last weekend I was at Homeclub for Modmarket's flea. I experienced really good service from the Modmarket people. Like helping to carry my heavy box of clothes, offering to buy drinks, asking us how's everything, etc. They have another flea coming up at the same place on 21st this month, so you if you are interested to have a booth you may contact Modmarket - more information on:

Wore this pretty floral dress I selected from Smitten at!

I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!! The comfy material and pretty floral prints really made my day brighter haha. I couldn't help but keep staring at myself in the reflection whenever I walk pass reflective walls, transparent windows, etc. Check out the short front and long back.

Paired with these accessories. On my nails - new gelish color from Millys.

Took this photo below using the Iphone and uploaded to Instagram (Nick: theiceangel). I think the photo is quite nice so I'm reposting it here.

The necklace is from MissQueenie. What a beautiful find! I think it'd be easy to wear it with most of my outfits + complete my look.

Anyway,I had fun at the flea chatting with the other stall owners, including Mint, Joyce, Mae and Xiao Ting. Also happy that I had good bubble tea to drink! Hehe. It's so rare to get a cup of bubble tea that is not too diluted nowadays.

Ruoxuan came down specially to support the event as well. Had a good catch up session with her! We came to a conclusion that sometimes love alone just ain't enough to keep everything going. Because if reality decides to play games on you, you're screwed.

Haven't met Xiao Ting for so long and she gave me this floral headband which I wore for the rest of the day. So matchy with my dress!

Anyway it was so funny because we were talking about our jobs and then we realize we work around the same area. Then we found out that we work in THE SAME OFFICE BUILDING yet we have never bump into each other in the lift nor canteen before!

Had curry fishhead for dinner that night. Love!!


  1. I LOVE your jewelery!!!! That necklace is really nice.

  2. I LOVE your jewelery!!!! That necklace is really nice.

    1. Thanks! You can get it from

  3. May I know where u get the armcandy?

    1. Hi! I just randomly mixed different bangles I got from different sources :)