Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kombi Rocks

I only found out about Kombi Rocks earlier this year when I was looking for cute and interesting places to dine in Singapore.

It is located around Serangoon area and was originally Koon Kee Restaurant before the revamp.

So anyway, it was on my to-try list but I did not really take action on it. Then last week I saw it featured on TV and decided to have it for lunch during the weekend. Went on Sunday lunch hour, so it was kinda crowded. Didn't manage to have good photos of the interior.

Had YouC1000 Vitamin-C drink. It came as half a mug! Ordered coconut drink too (which I didn't get to try because my drink is so nice).

The food here should be classified under zhi-char + Thai fusion. I had the Thai Fishcake which was $4 for a dish of 3 pieces. I like it.

The minced meat omelette was so-so. I definitely had tasted better ones elsewhere. Also had the seafood horfun. My favorite part was that the prawn was juicy and quite meaty!

Tofu with special Thai Sauce. The tofu was soft and the crispy skin was yums!

They also have old-school vehicles parked outside the restaurant!

I was seated in front of this car. The chef took this Porsche out to buy groceries!

A few old bikes were laying around in different corners of the restaurant. Quite cute ya? Suitable for photoshoots! I heard that their vehicles are available for rent, mostly for wedding photoshoots.

Ladylike heels for the day. I seldom wear such heels!

I'm not kidding when I say my face has become rounder. Seriously, check out the double chin :((

But luckily, my dress is so pretty that people will be looking at it instead of my double chin. Haha.

Crochet day dress is from SMITTEN at JIPABAN.COM!

The item description stated on the online store was spot-on and everything I had to say:
This darling of a dress features feminine crochet details in the front, lined, and comes with an elasticized waist. Great for those Sunday morning brunch sessions, and looks good with both heels and flats.

It's such an easy thing to wear, perfect for school too. I was torn between pink and the navy blue one which it also comes in. It also comes in cream and grey.... and the pink one is last piece now. Fastest fingers wins.


  1. did u change ur camera recently? pics quality is so good! wat camera did u use for the pics in this entry? =)

    1. Hi! Some of the photos are mine. Some are from my friend's camera.

  2. Ur outfit for this post, including the ladylike shoes suits u so much, maybe u can try out this style more often hehe^^