Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Singapore Flyer

I think it is my 5th time up on Singapore Flyer.

Before that, a simple dinner at Far East Square.

Had a longggggggggg walk from there till Singapore Flyer. Was exhausted halfway through. Didn't know it was that far away since I've walked from Raffles to Floating platform before! But this time it was like twice the distance I think. I wouldn't have opted for walking if I knew it would take so long!

The view was amazing though - if I had the energy to appreciate it more. Haha.

Finally here!

Before entering the cabin was a exhibition called "Journey of Dreams" or something like that.

High up in the air! This time the rotation seem quite fast. I couldn't feel it moving in the past but this time it was quite obvious. I didn't time it but I'm very sure it felt less than 30 mins.

My dress is from It's perfect for work and a dinner date after! (Yea... my legs look so awkward on the reflection haha). Necklace is from!

Love the structures along this river. Very pretty! The last time I came here, the structures were still under construction.

Although I've been up this flyer on multiple occasions, it's always a different experience each time :)

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