Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hippo River Cruise

Took at ride on the Hippo River Cruise at Clarke Quay some weeks back.

These yellow ones look cool but nope, the one I sat on was not so modern. You can see it on the far left of this photo below.

Me onboard with the river view behind me! Most of the passengers were tourists. I guess no Singaporeans would be so boliao like me go try out the ride. Haha.

The ride itself was nothing much (the original price of $18 per adult is definitely not worth it in my opinion) but it gets more interesting when we were out in the bigger part of the river. Lots of beautiful structures.

Do you work in one of these office buildings?

Actually after I sat on the Sgflyer last month and this hippo river cruise, I feel that Singapore is really getting more and more beautiful! Speaking of Singapore, I'd be at the NDP preview tonight with Isaac, Ben and Randy. I can't wait for the songs and fireworks! I managed to catch some of the fireworks that happened at last week's preview and it was so pretty!

My lovely lace dress is from The material is very comfy!

One last photo of myself, in the same position same pose. Lol.


  1. Esther,

    Where is the black-lacey dress from? The one that you wore for the river-taxi ...

    Want a dress like that. Looks really good on you :D