Monday, July 23, 2012

Casual Sunday

Yesterday, I went over to Far East Plaza to eat at the famous chicken rice stall at level 5. I have not ate there for very long already, almost forgot about it! My love for its chicken has rekindled. Next time I do my nails at Millys Far East Plaza Branch, I'm gonna have chicken rice upstairs!

Ordered both the steam chicken and roasted chicken. Both are awesome. I can't choose between the two! Also had salted duck soup and soy egg. So yums!

Far East Plaza is so quiet recently, unlike a couple of years back when it was always crowded. I wonder why! The clothes are cheaper now though, plus can try in dressing room even for items that are lower than $20! Next time I don't feel like squeezing with the crowd at Bugis Street, I'll come here. I got a floral high waist short from one of the shops. I've wanted to get one for quite some time but did not dare to buy the cheap ones at Bugis Street (because cannot try first) and online in case it doesn't fit me. So happy I found one that fits nicely!

Wandered around the basement and it has changed quite a bit! Saw a bubble tea shop that didn't catch my eye but my friend wanted to try a drink from the shop so we got ourselves Honey Green Milk Tea. It was quite nice!

Forgot to wear accessory out, so I anyhow bought one at $2.

Outfit of the day: Dress from DRESSDOWNFRIDAY at JIPABAN.COM

It is not only suitable for dress down days, I think it is also suitable for work days!

I love the flair at the chest area, adding some detail to a simple dress.

It is also available in another color. I browsed around DRESSDOWNFRIDAY at Jipaban and found quite a number of chic and simple designs that are very wearable, be it a work day or week end. I'm getting a few more pieces from Dressdownfriday. Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Esther,

    Loving your slippers! Mind sharing where u got them from/price? ^^

    1. It's just a simple pair! $10 from bugis street.