Monday, July 9, 2012


I spent more than an hour on PAPIER REVER page at JIPABAN.COM because I just couldn't decide which items I want among so many beautiful things!

Sometimes I wish that I was still schooling so that I could put all those pretty stationary items to good use.

I found several things useful for me, even as an adult out of school! Let me share the items I got:

Such a pretty spectacle case. I fell in love with it the moment I set my eyes on it when it arrived in the mail. So floral and sweet! All my old spectacle cases from optical shops were ugly.  That's why I never bring them out. I usually just throw my spectacles into my bag just like that, without any cover. But now that I have this, I can protect my spectacles in a pretty casing!

The inside is gorgeous! The outer pink goes so well with this color! Where else can you find such nice spectacle casing?!?!!

Then, I also got myself this pink travel tag. On my previous trips, I found that my luggage was too common (must be some free gift from petrol station some years back lol) and there are always other people on the same bus carrying the same luggage. Having such a striking luggage tag would make it easier for me to identify my luggage in the future. Also, my luggage is sadly not pink, so it'd be great to add a dash of pink.

"Life is beautiful" - What a lovely quote to bring around with you!

Weekly schedule diary! Comes in other colors as well but this one is perfect for me.

I always forget about my schedules and often have a hard time remembering what plans I have, so this planner would definitely come in useful. Anyway, I just realized that I keyed in the wrong date on this page below. Haha.

Got myself a file with cute japanese cartoon too.

More pictures!


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  1. you look pretty with your hair tied up like this!