Sunday, July 15, 2012

Strawberry Banana Pancakes

Are you sick of the food entries yet? Hope you are not, because today's entry will be sugary sweet food!

Decided to try making pancakes yesterday...

Went to the supermarket to buy ingredients. Actually, I play cheat one. I bought the pancake mix. $4.55 only. There were two types - one that you have to add egg and milk, another one only have to add water. I chose the latter :x

The other ingredients weren't expensive too. Besides the pancake mix, I also got fruits like banana ($0.86) and strawberries ($4+).

I forgot the price for icing sugar, but we only need a bit of it so you can keep the packet for future baking use.

For the pancake, just follow the instructions on the box! There were two sachets in each box, you have to mix one sachet with 250ML of water. For the first batch I made, it was a disaster as the pancake would burn as soon as I pour it onto my pan. My fire was already very low! In the end I realize that I accidentally poured 300ML of water into the powder instead of the instructed 250ML. My math really fail! I used a measuring cup 160ML and 140ML I thought it adds up to 250ML -_-

Fun part was cutting the fruits! I personally prefer eating strawberries in cubes but due to time constraints, I just cut each into half. Look very pretty too.

For bananas, I just slice it.

My pancakes were really ugly but decorating it with the icing sugar and fruits made the whole dish very appealing! Afterwards, add maple syrup!

Try making it for your family too!

Anyway, I totally love the cropped top I wore in this entry! It's so sweet and summery, perfect for a day out at the beach. You know what I like most about it? The shoulder cut-out. Very pretty! If you are into cropped tops at well, there is a wide range of designs at Smitten, available at


  1. Mmmm...yummy! So sweet!

  2. u look like chao ah lian.. omg!
    compared to xiaxue ur gross!

  3. hmm I think it would be better if you could add the fruits into the pancake mixture? =) Gives the pancake a natural sweet taste!

    1. In that case need to cut into really small cubes! Never seen such pancakes before though.

  4. To Anonymous11:15 AM, July 17, 2012: compared to someone like you, who wouldnt even dare to register your name while commenting such uncivilized meaning, is even more gross. If you find her gross, then why in the first place did you even enter this blog and read her posts? Ridiculous...