Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roll Eyes

Was invited to attend a baking class with Chef Judy of Caffe Pralet and Creative Culinaire The School, Guinness Book of Records title holder. I was so excited for this event because I love baking!

Outfit of the day:
Long Sleeve White Love Top:
Pink Leopard Print Skirt:

This is Chef Judy! She is quite an interesting baking teacher!

After her demonstration, we set about in teams to bake our very own zucchini chocolate cakes! Honestly, that day was the first day I knew what was a zucchini. Haha.

All our ingredients prepared nicely for us:

All we had to do was to pour things together according to the recipe given. It was so easy because everything was sliced, weighed and packed nicely for us.

Sifting the flour.

We used "industrial" baking equipments. Actually, I prefer to bake "home-style", where I knead the dough and beat the eggs myself using a bowl and a spoon.

Final mixture after mixing the choco chips with the zucchini! Very curious on how the cakes would turn out because this looks like a lot of zucchini!

Random photo taken with the huge mirror above.

This part most fun! Hahaha. Actually I didn't really do much throughout. My team mates did most of the work!

Me and my fellow blogger team mates!

Putting it in to bake! Photo of a cute little boy from another team.

All our cakes are ready!

Time to decorate...

And this is my final creation :)

A photo with Chef Judy.

This is her creation!

Decorated so prettily!

I brought the cakes home for my family and it was moist even the next day! It was also very yummy and none of them suspected that there was zucchini inside. I only tell them after they finished the cake. Haha.

While waiting for our cakes to bake, Chef Judy invited us next door to her cafe for a little tea break.

This baking class was brought to us by

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Some of the videos were really fun to watch! Check them out :)