Friday, July 13, 2012

Food photography and cooking workshop

Last weekend, before heading to Gardens By The Bay, I attended a food photography and cooking workshop hosted by food bloggers Misstamchiak and Danielfooddiary.

The best two shots I taken that day using my Iphone:

Very yummy bak kut teh!

By Iphone standard, not bad already I think!

These lovely shallots dropped on the floor~~

Everyone had a good time bah! Local delights lunch and 4 yummy dishes prepared by the hosts.

My fave was the smoothie and fish dish!


  1. FOOOOOD NOMSSSS D':< I've never gone on a cooking workshop.. I just kinda learned how to cook from my parents and by experimenting on my own.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the workshop Esther! And nice pic of the shallots. haha

    1. Hi Daniel!

      Haha glad the shallots didn't go to waste!

  3. Hi Esther, where did you get yr wedges? ;)