Monday, July 2, 2012

O My Dog

I was browsing a 8Days magazine some issues back and saw this feature about Hotdog bread being sold out of a Caravan and thought it looked quite cute and interesting.

Decided to visit it for lunch one fine afternoon! It's at Great World City.

Apparently, O My Dog is owned by Skinny Pizza, which is just beside it. There are standing tables for O My Dog customers, but if you wish to have a seat you have to pay an additional 10% service charge to sit in the Skinny Pizza sitting area.

I got myself Ang Mo Classic because I like cheese!

I thought that it would be assembled and made in the van itself but it wasn't. The orders were taken from the van but buns were all prepared in the main Skinny Pizza kitchen.

Ace for Apple

It was not easy to eat a bun with all the toppings and it could get quite messy. The bread was normal but the sausage was juicy and yums! Love the texture too. Nom nom nom!

Truffle fries as side!

Before heading there I dropped by Bugis Essensuals again to dye my hair less gold and also cut off a few inches as it was getting too long. Love my current hair color now!

Yep, so my current hair length is like this!

Glitzy black dress is from


  1. Ugh you are so beautiful! : D and the hotdogs look so yummy! I don't eat pork (at all!), but sometimes I do kinda want a hotdog T_T