Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mu Parlour

This is again going to be another entry with many decor photos. The place is just so pretty I can't stop myself from snapping photos continuously!

Mu Parlour is located at Holland Village. This is the entrance and staircase that leads to the pretty cafe upstairs.

I am definitely very in love with the decor. Love the white wash feel!

Window seats overlook the busy Holland Village.

There weren't many customers while we were there. Two to three groups came in one after another to eat but they left very quickly too.

Ice Tea.

The menu only had burgers for mains.

The food was so-so only though :( What a pity.

I should have tried their coffee and pastries too. If nice next time can come for afternoon tea!

The desserts were too pretty to resist.

I love the photos we took for the cakes!

Unfortunately, I don't really remember how the desserts taste. Should be not bad.

This place is a lovely place to spend a quiet and relaxing evening. It'd be better if there were more menu items to choose from!

I have lovely hair in this entry because before dinner I went to do my hair at Bugis Essensuals!

241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village
S'pore 188030
(above Burger King beside opposite Bugis Junction)
t: 63330039

Dress is from


  1. hi may I know what time did you go to this place? hope to go there when it isnt crowded too ^^

  2. How much was the food?

    1. I don't really remember but the price was okay!