Friday, June 8, 2012

Festival Village

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I ended work early that day unexpectedly and had some time before my next meeting so I went to Raffles to find my friend.

We walked from Raffles to Esplanade via a bridge and along the way, the view was beautiful and refreshing.

There was a festival going on at Esplanade Park, so we went to have a look!

There was also a bazaar going on, featuring mostly arty, quirky, creative stuff. Very interesting!

It was dark by the time we left the place!

Further in, there was a Kids Arts Village, which was quite cool too.

It was fascinating how a playground can be created just with these strings of 'thing' (not sure what was the material). The kids were having lots of fun just playing in the tangly mess!

Amusing shows going on as well...

We walked out of the festival and reached Esplanade. We stood here for quite a while because the show was just so funny and entertaining!

I reached my 2nd meeting finally! Group photo of Zoe, Jayne, Huixian and Me while waiting for the guys to reach.

It was an NDP briefing and I'm so glad to be somehow involved this year! It seems like the activities this year are very exciting! Will share more soon.

After the briefing, I went for dinner with Shawn and Randy at Mcdonalds.... to get my kitty. Haha.

I have the full set now!!! ^_^ They are so adorable!

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