Friday, June 29, 2012

So Yea!

Fiona got me hello kitty casings! So pretty!

Finally met up with Fiona and Mai again after so long. We decided to meet at Downtown east, which is near home. I wasn't intending to take any photos, so I went without makeup. Randomly grabbed this clutch below to put my wallet, phone and tissue. Quite a pretty clutch right? It's a free gift that comes with Simply Her magazine some time back. Haha. I am one who will buy a magazine just for a nice free gift. Hahaha.

Ate at Mcds and I decided to introduce them to So-Yea, a beancurd shop opened by my friend Miyo! I love So-Yea. I think it's the best beancurd I've tried, on top of Lao ban, 51, QQ, and other random beancurd stalls. It's sweet enough, refreshing and very smooth!

One for each!

And all the while, Mai was secretly taking photos of us! Lol. This is why although I never intended to take photos, I have photos to blog about now!

Anyway, I have colorful sparkly nails now thanks to Tina from Millys! You can't see it in the photo but it's very glittery in real life! I think the design is quite unique. Gelish nails! Call for appointment before going and ask Tina to do these nails for you too!