Friday, June 15, 2012


Took this picture and posted it on Instagram (theiceangel) when I just got it. Cute!!

It was family day last Sunday and although the initial plan for Dad was to head to the PC show, we ended up in Tampines instead. We spent a whole load of time at the telco to re-contract our mobile phone lines and deciding on which phone to get.

I had been waiting so long for this day to come so that I can get a new phone but alas, when it arrives I have no money in my bank. Haha. I was contemplating to just not re-contract until I have money again but Dad was very kan-chiong for me to faster re-contract because of the 12GB data thingy (Something about the telcos stopping the 12GB data plan practice and giving us only 1 to 2 GB). So in the end we re-contracted our lines, and my parents paid for new phones. For them to use; not for me of course. Sadly.

Photo taken while we having our tea break!

Outfit of the day is from
It's supposed to be a top, but I wore it as a dress with the help of a black inner.

Paired it with these black and gold accessories below! I love the necklace I wore! It adds so much to the outfit. It's from my accessory sponsor EPICFAS (

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Oh anyway, check out these adorable speech bubble iphone cases from CovetSG!

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  1. Hi, I'm 17 and have been reading your blog for 4 years already. I'm sorry but your blog is getting more and more boring. All you ever blog about nowadays are general neutral posts about where you ate and nothing about your life is ever posted here. Your blog is gradually losing its touch with your personal life and your thoughts and feelings, and slowly becoming a spam of boring advertorials of different blogshops which doesn't seem to have any quality check whatsoever. Sorry about that, just wanna hear more about your life, and not about meaningless adverts.

    1. My life currently is exactly about where I eat. hahaha. I don't really have much thoughts and strong opinions recently, nothing much to talk about.