Saturday, June 16, 2012


Some weekends back, I met up with the boys at Skyve!

Hahaha. Got too obsessed with the photo taking.

Anyway, I brought the boys to this place because I've seen photos online and thought that the interior is beautiful! I was very sure that they would like it and indeed they love it. Mainly because the clear windows allow natural sunlight to stream in and that creates pretty photos.

The surrounding was quite run down, sort of like an old school compound, but the restaurant itself was a nice place to spend the afternoon. It felt relaxing and away from the rest of the world. It wasn't entirely quiet but it was not crowded either.

Isaac was craving brunch, so we had brunch!

Mine. Love the mushrooms! Scrambled eggs were kinda watery.

Ben ordered Eggs Benedict. Definitely was not presented the usual way.

Isaac had the same as me, but had sunny side up instead.

We moved over to another side of the restaurant to have dessert and laze the afternoon away. Chatted about happy stuffs in our lives ^_^  Usually we meet in the evening and we would only have a few hours together but this time we had the whole day, it felt especially long. We were able to take our time and relax (and take more photos haha).

Comfy sofa seats!

Can you guess who is holding the camera? Me or Benjamin? (Or Isaac??? lol.)

Skyve has outdoor seats too! But I think inside is definitely a better choice, because we only stayed outside for a little while but kena attacked by a dozen mosquitoes.

There is this swing thingy!

We went over to Ion Orchard to shop around :)

Soon, it was dinner time! Isaac told us about this Ramen place at Takashimaya.

Benjamin was SO READY to tuck into food. Hahaha. After the meal he saw photos of me and Isaac pre-ramen and asked why we never ask him take photos too. HELLO, while we were taking photos you were in your own world already rushing to tuck in!!! Lol. Anyway, the ramen was so-so only.

I received yummy fresh fruit tarts that night too! Shared with the family ^_^


  1. Love your outfit! Those shoes are just so pretty~ And so are you haha (: I'm very inspired by your style! xoxo tomomi

  2. Hi! May I know where is Skyve located at? Can you give me the add. Thank you!

    1. 10 Winstedt Rd Singapore 227977
      6225 6690

  3. is that a skirt of a short ??!!
    where did u got the bag from, so chic and classy(;

    1. Short :) The bag is from my mum's old bags collection.

    2. where did you got that short from ??

    3. From bugis st 2nd level :)