Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Voyage De La Vie

Went to Resorts World Sentosa to watch Voyage De La Vie with my Mum, grandparents, uncle, aunt and my cute little babyboy cousin.

Me taking a photo outside before going in! Toga dress is from http://mamatiam.com :)

Photography is not allowed during the show, so I took this before it started. It was quite entertaining, lots of dangerous acts which made me feel very scared for the performers! Haha. I'm so in awe of these performers, a lot of effort and training just to do such stunts!

A photo with mum before leaving the theater.

Posted these two photos on Instagram! Haha.

Was so hungry because I didn't get to eat dinner before the show, so we went to have Wu Xiang Mee Fen! I love eating that! I'd definitely order the fried tofu, fried fish cake, taiwan sausage, the yellow rectangular thingy, and the meat wuxiang roll! But my favorite is still the tofu and fish cake. Omnomnomnoms! Especially when they fry it before serving to you with beehoon!

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