Friday, June 22, 2012

The Rail Mall

I was craving for Epicurious one fine morning and instead of going to the branch at Robertson Quay which I always go to, I decided to try the other branch at The Rail Mall, which is far off at the west.

I did not even know that there's such a place called The Rail Mall! Apparently the name came around because there was a railway near this row of shops.

I'd love to try the outdoor seating but it was really too hot that morning. Opted for the air-conditioned indoors!

My favorite dish at Epicicurious. I always order this! Love the cheesy eggs and bacon. And the roast potatoes. Why isn't this place located near my house? Why????

The big breakfast dish. Yum yum! If I had such breakfast every morning I'd gladly wake up earlier!

I got mysef a side of smoked salmon.

Look at my happy face! Haha.

Even the orange juice was good ^_^ Love fresh sweet and thick orange juice. Hate those flavored or diluted ones!

Afterwards, went to the railway nearby to take plenty of photos!! As you can see in the photo below, it is not a working railway anymore. The railway stops right there.

Ending off with this act-cool-buay-cool photo. Hahaha, pardon me for the spamming of photos of myself! I have never taken photos on a railway before this and had always wanted to! :-P


  1. u look like a slut here

    1. No she does not, what a rude comment to say. -_-

    2. Thanks for your reply :)

  2. Hi Esther! Where did you get your shoes from?

  3. Hi Esther, first time commenting on your blog.
    Used to view your blog every week last time, but haven pop by for so long because of studies.
    So anyway, i wanted to say that i like your current make-up, good on you. Looking different since the last time i view! Pretty~!
    Stay sweet girl! :)

  4. Hello, how can I get to the railway place?