Monday, June 11, 2012

Hungry Chimps

On the way to dinner a couple of days back! Was famished.

We had wanted to eat at another cafe but it was packed by the time we reached so we wandered down and settled on Hungry Chimps. We just went in without being sure of what they were serving. I was too hungry to care already. Just give me food!

We quite like the ambiance! The place was cheery, spacious and comfortable.

I love the calamari rings that were highly recommended. I want more!

We had pork chop and chicken chop. Boring choices, but good nonetheless.

The staff were very polite and had great customer service. Plus, I think most of them are young Singaporeans. Very rare nowadays!

There were books and magazines on the shelf and we spent some time reading. It was a lovely way to spend time!

Headed to Plaza Singapura afterwards to catch a movie.

Like the dress I'm wearing? It's from! It has a flare at the skirt that makes it look so girly. Plus, some glitzy pieces add shiny detail to the dress. The quality of the dress is also very good! I have it in black too :)


  1. Who is this friend you are going out with? New bf? Cos you've been quite protective over his identity. Just asking :)

    1. Don't think too much :) It's not like I've never blogged entries featuring only myself. I also see many other bloggers, their entries are usually only about themselves, how come nobody ask who they went out with?

  2. Hi esther, who is the other person you went out with? Qlso you didnt mention the 'we' in the back couple post too!

  3. Stop all the 'we' and 'my friend' in your blog post. It's quite annoying.

    1. Nobody asked you to notice it. You all are a little over observant leh. When I'm talking about more than 1 person, of course I use WE, if not what other word can I use?