Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Blogskin

If you have not noticed, I changed my blog skin last week!

I wanted to go for a neater and simpler look, so this time there weren't any special effects/ swirls/ flowers/ sparkly things unlike most of my previous blog skins. However, I still retained the pink color theme.

Day by day, I love the new blogskin more and more! What do you think?

There are tabs that lead to About Me, Fave and Style.

The "About Me" section is well, about me. It wasn't easy to describe myself as I couldn't find any defining word to represent me, so I summarized my blogging journey instead. I'm still thinking of whether I should also introduce regular characters in my life there too.

Fave would be a compilation of all favorite blog posts, divided into categories. It's still undergoing construction!

Style is a new section, where I upload Look Of The Day photos.

So anyway, I got my friend and photographer Chris Lau, to help me shoot some photos for my blog skin! I would like to thank him for accommodating to my schedule although he has a very busy schedule too! We dragged the photo shoot date a couple of times before finally squeezing it into a very early morning. It was so early that one of my eyes had deep double eyelid while the other did not have any at all. My another friend who came to accompany and help out should have felt quite helpless while looking at me fussing over my uneven eyes which refused to co-operate on such an important date. Haha. In the end I was like "Heck it! Let's just shoot first and try to save it on photoshop!" Well, I think I over-estimated my photoshopping skills. End up I did not know how to remove the double eyelid. Haha. Check out my uneven eyes below.

I cropped this photo for the blog header!

Would love this photo below very much if not for the eyes. Anyway, this sweet pink dress is from! Comes in another color too!

I love the photos!! ^_^


  1. hi esther. why dont you use double sided double eyelid sticker? like this . i think gmarket sg has it too. i use it for my eyelid and it last for a day.. :)

    1. I have difficulties sticking it on properly though...

  2. where did you get the wedges from? thanks! :)