Friday, June 1, 2012

Group Therapy

Me, Isaac and Benjamin went for Group Therapy one fine evening!

Nope, we weren't going to go through therapy of any sort. It's just the cafe's quirky name!

It's located at the upper storey in one of the unit in a stretch of shophouses at Duxton Road. Not easy to spot (plus the name would never make you think that there's food upstairs), but I'd give you the address later on.

There is a "sofa area" and a "sitting area". Quite a cosy place to gather with a group of friends!

I went in the evening so the sky was dark by then.I've seen photos of the place in day time and it looks so much better because of the light streaming into the huge windows.

Isaac ordered a cup of mint tea while me and Benjamin shared this 'pot' of floral tea. The staff told us that the pot serving is for two. Imagine our faces when the pot arrives. Our 'Pot' is smaller than Isaac's Cup!  Haha. I guess the value is that we can see the tea leaves (or flower?) while Isaac can only see the teabag. In other words, can we say that ours is fresher? Don't think there's much difference anyway.

It's like a toy teapot! Haha.

The menu was quite limited, mostly pies. Both of them ordered the staff's recommendation - Chilli Crab Pie. It was full of real crab meat inside, but also really spicy in my opinion.

I got myself the Ham & Cheese Panini. Has mushrooms inside! Om nom nom ^_^ I also ordered sides of Sunny Side Up, and they are one of the yummiest Sunny Side Up I have every ate. Highlight of my dinner that day! Lol.

The chips were good!

Random shot of our bags.

Am very glad to say that all 3 of us had good things going on currently in our lives to share with each other. Hope the best for us!

Photos that day turned out not bad! However the lighting is quite dark, and these guys don't like the flash.

Yay photo by myself = can switch on the flash. Hahaha. The picture quality is so much better, no meh??

Them taking my phone to sign up Instagram account for me... I think in this picture they were deciding the username or something.

And... I uploaded my first photo taken on the spot! Can't see the photo here because the iphone screen is too bright but you can follow me on Instagram: theiceangel :)

Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Road #02-01 Singapore 089513
Tel: 6222 2554
Mondays: Closed
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am to 6pm
Fridays - Saturdays: 11am to 11pm
Sundays & PH: 9am to 6pm

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