Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I just found out about the saga regarding #freestickerlady, an artist that goes by the name 'SKl0'.

Saw her works and some are really funny!

Heard that she was arrested earlier and maximum sentence is 3 years jail. Like most of the voices online, I felt that the punishment is too much as what she did was quite harmless, no? I believe it even formed smiles on many people upon seeing these stickers. Maybe she should just be given a warning and maybe a fine. Perhaps LTA did not find it funny as it created more work and cost on their side to remove the stickers and paint.

Read the following two entries regarding it. You all should read too.

A humorous and sarcastic article on it:
Alternative view:

So anyway, just wanna share some of her works which I love!

Apparently this one below was the one that caused LTA to report her to the police.

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