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47th NDP Pre-Celebrations

I went to Bugis Junction some days back and saw this LEGO® exhibit with some people crowding around. It's part of Singapore's 47th National Day Celebrations! From what I heard, close to 200,000 LEGO bricks and LEGO mini-figures and over 500 volunteers will re-create a Marina Bay Floating Platform replica depicting the National Day Parade. The "Building a LovingSG" structure will span an area of 12 by 9 metres, about the size of a volleyball court. *GASP*

The one at Bugis Junction was just part of it.

So many chefs and construction workers at the LEGO NDP. Haha. Plus got one with stylo-mylo hair. Do you spot it??

By donating as little as a $5, you will receive a pair of customized LEGO mini-figures. All proceeds will go to the Singapore School Pocket Money Fund.

One of the LEGO mini-figures will be placed on the seating gallery of the platform, while the other is for your keepsake as a reminder of your participation. Only 25,000 customised LEGO mini-figures are created for this purpose! I quickly decided to get a pair. You get to choose your LEGO mini-figure's face, shirt, pants and hat/hair/helmet!

Me deciding on my LEGO Mini-figure design. (Photo focusing on the little boy though~)

Besides it sounding like fun, it is also a contribution to charity - The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund!

Check out my LEGO Mini-figures going up the staircase, ready to watch the parade!

I placed this one on a premium front seat!

Besides Bugis Junction, it is also at Funan Digital Mall Level 1, Tampines Mall Level 4 or JCube Level 5 Open Plaza!

If you are keen to contribute as well, head down to the road shows or visit their web.

Anyway, I just went to check out and found out about all the activities that are happening for this year's NDP. The site looks interesting! Yes, it is not August yet but isn't Loving Singapore about all the time and not just on 9th August? This year the activities are starting early and they are all so exciting!

Let me share some of the ones that I think you all will be interested to take part in :)

As you all know, I'm currently very into INSTAGRAM, and just nice NDP is also holding an INSTAGRAM CONTEST!

Singapore Instagram (SGIG) is holding a series of 5 photo contest in collaboration with National Day Parade 2012. In the NDP 2012 InstagramSG Photo Competition, from end March to early July 2012; participants can capture photographs that express this year’s NDP theme “Loving Singapore, Our Home”, and post them on the NDP 2012 official website.

Attractive prizes for winning participants include Tablet PC, Smartphone, Movie Vouchers, as well as other goodies! The winning photos will also be displayed during NDP road shows, on the NDP 2012 website and during the Pre-Parade segment of NDP 2012.

It is an invitation for all Singaporeans to join us on the NDP 2012 journey to rediscover and remember what we love best about our country. Sounds cool isn't it?

So far, these are the past 3 themes:
- First Theme: “My Favourite Spot at Home”
- Second Theme: “My Favourite Pastime”
- Third Theme: “My Favourite Person”

This is my instagram photo for "My Favourite Spot at Home"! I took a portion of my bed. Love my bed because it's comfy and Love my bed because of all the little cuties I have. Many more behind me while I took this photo! Just couldn't squeeze all into one photo!

One of the activities also include LovingSG Trails.
The 2nd LovingSG Trail – ‘Urban City Trail’ will be opened from 17 Jun – 30 June.

If you think Singapore is just skyscrapers and shopping malls,you will be in for a surprise. Follow this trail and uncover charming districts, quaint spaces and unique spots hidden in the concrete maze of city life and be thrilled by what you find!

Simply download the NDPOnTheGo mobile application from ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ to participate in the trail. You may stand to win HD LED 3D Smart TVs, DSLR Cameras, Android Tablets, Android Smartphones, Laptops & Shopping Vouchers! Wow!

Another one, which I thought was a very creative and I certainly think the end result would be very touching.

LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice

Do you want to be a part of the National Day Parade (NDP)? Here is your chance to take part without having to go through any rehearsals!

The “LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice” project encourages all Singaporeans at home and overseas to come together and express their love for Singapore as one nation, one voice.

It’s simple. All you have to do is submit a video recording of you singing the national anthem Majulah Singapura. These video clips will be spliced together to form Singapore’s first virtual choir, which will premiere during the NDP on 9th August 2012.

You can also visit the roving NDP roadshows from 2nd June 2012, where there will be volunteers to help you with your submission. You can refer to the roadshow schedule here.

2nd June 2012 - 3rd June 2012 HDB Toa Payoh Hub
30th June 2012 - 1st July 2012 Jurong Point Shopping Centre
7th July 2012 - 8th July 2012 Causeway Point Shopping Centre

Put together by Singapore Symphony Orchestra music conductor Darrell Ang and local filmmaker Royston Tan, two Singaporeans renowned for their musical and creative talents as well as their contributions to the local arts scene, LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice is set to impress and warm the hearts of Singaporeans as we all come together as one.

The submission period is from 30th May 2012 to 8th July 2012. So let your voices be heard!

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