Wednesday, June 27, 2012


While taking photos for the new blogskin with the pink dress, I also took another set of photos on the same day with this floral outerwear from  ($11 only!!)

Love the photos! Thank you Chris Lau for helping me to take such nice photos!

I like all the photos taken in front of the fountain! The effect is so lovely, but my poses all the same hahaha. So I shall post up just a couple!

Actually, these whole set of photos don't look like me. The stupid one-eye crease is really too deep!

Which is your favorite photo? My fave is first two!


  1. The first two have a nice effect but you look prettiest in the 3rd 1 I think ^^

  2. You look really pretty! The first and third photos are my favourites :)

  3. I love the first two as well! :)

  4. i prefered the fountain's pic.
    looks lovely(;
    by the way, where did you get the shorts from ??