Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Avenue Bistro

Outfit of the day:
Dress from, versatile and easy to accessorize!
Neck accessory from, quote "iceangel" for free normal postage!

So anyway, had lunch at A.venue Bistro before an early movie.

My seafood linguine was good! Love the prawns and squid. Asked for mussels to be removed.

The Timothy Sandwich looks appetizing!

More pictures of my necklace, which dressed up my simple outfit.

Bought this from Takashimaya basement! It's very yummy :)

Went to Kinokuniya to get books! The place is so huge that I can actually stay in there the whole afternoon to select books. Love the wide range of magazines and different books I can find here. Was quite crowded that day too.

I still have a lot of backlog blog entries to clear T_T
Very busy at work these few days so I've not been able to sort out the older entries which had more photos. Hopefully I will get some free time soon!

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