Monday, August 8, 2011

Clozette Makeover

Clozette Co

It's a girly affair.

Sulin Serio display of lovely accessories. I like this bangle! However, the owner suggested red jewelry to go with the button on my chosen clutch.

Spot this leopard prints pumps! Pretty!

Dressed up in my chosen items and Alexa tying my hair for me :)


The pictures are uploaded to
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Loved my styled look! Blazer is from Veira, dress from Mu, Clutch from Pauline.ning, and jewelry from Sulin Serio.

Check out the unique red ring I was wearing with this look.

Back to my own clothes! Picture with Alexa, who helped took pictures of me.

Picture with the twins.

& some other girls who were there too.

My top is from ClubCouture, shorts and bag from TheBlogShop

After the event, I was so hungry I had my late lunch at The Book Cafe across the street, with Alexa and Carrie.

My iced mocha.

I had eggs benedict. Was craving brunch food. Haha. However, the toast was too tough, my jaw was extremely tired after the first piece.

& we chatted the afternoon away while the girls sipped tea.

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