Thursday, August 25, 2011

English + Chinese = ?

Lol. This is what happens when you speak in a mixture of English and Chinese.

Bf: 你有没有good的girl介绍给我?
Me: 我lor.
Bf: 歌la!

- - - - - - -

So, it was Mum's birthday earlier this month.

She wanted to try the new steamboat place at Downtown East called Fat Fish. It is located beside Seoul Garden! Blatantly snatching customers!! Haha.

Anyway, we had herbal and chicken based soup. I recommend not to take the herbal soup if you are going there. Doesn't go too well with the food in my opinion. There's a choice of Tom Yam soup, so I think that will be better.

It is an eat-all-you-can ala-carte buffet style. Means you order your items on a paper and they will bring the dish to you. Each portion is quite small.

The food was so-so.
But the prawns was large and fresh. The fish was not the cheapo type served elsewhere. It's fresh garoupa fish and yummy to eat. They also have sliced pork belly and collarbone. The fish ball is bouncy, me like!

For the first round, the service staff offered to recommend instead of us ordering, so they brought quite a wide variety of food to our table. On our 2nd round though, while we were writing down the numbers on the sheet of order form, we decided to write "4" on some items such as meat, prawns, etc since the portion per plate was very small and we could eat alot. When the staff looked at our form, she kept saying things like "4 is 4 plate leh, not 4 pieces leh". So my mum said "ya we want 4 plates". The staff gave a bemused expression and my mum asked "each plate got 3 prawns right?" The staff said ya. My mum replied "3 x 4 is 12. I can even finish it alone."

Seriously..... 12 prawns is alot meh? I can finish 24 prawns alone! Don't know why the staff say until like 12 prawns for FOUR person is alot -.-

Had desserts elsewhere after that! Wanted to have Mango Snow Ice but couldn't find it anywhere so we had these at the food court.

How come the grass jelly so chui one? The grass jelly is usually large cubes outside. Haha.

Outfit of the day. Brown dress from and shoes from (exclusively manufactured!)

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