Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The reason why I'm sick of green

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During the weekend me and my sis went to Botanical Gardens.

When I arrive, I thought that it went through major renovations because I remember the last time I was there, it didn't look like that. The previous time was last year I think.

In the end when I asked the customer service counter, then I realised that the driver drove me to the Bukit Timah entrance instead of the one nearer to Dhoby Ghaut! No wonder I saw "Hatched" cafe on the way.

Anyway, it was raining when we were in the cab. I was wishing please please please rain please go away. In the end when we reach, the rain stopped. Yay!

While taking this picture below, my arm kena bird shit! Second time this year already. Damn pain lor this one. But lucky it landed on my arm, easy to wash away. If land on hair/clothes I'll punch someone. I love the scallop hems and circle circle straps!

The weather was very warm and soon we were perspiring like mad. I wanted to find an airconditioned cafe to rest in, but there's only this cafe that is outdoor style with ceiling fans. No choice then!

Quite a nice place to relax in the afternoon. Wanted to take picture below but there was someone blocking the walkway so I waited. When he was gone, I immediately clicked my shutter but someone else appeared. So I waited for this someone else to go away and immediately clicked the shutter. Again, another person appeared. Wahlao. This happened several times. As though people are queuing at the back to take over the person standing in the walkway as soon as the current person walks away -_-

My sis took the following pictures.

I'm official sick of green now!

Lets look at some pink.

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