Thursday, August 11, 2011

Korean bbq with Fidel and Jayden

Finally met up with Jayden and Fidelis after so long! Had so much to catch up on :)

We met up at NEX mall, and we decided on Crystal Jade korean bbq.

Let me say, I super love it! The marinated meat are super nice. There was also a wide variety. Me super love the spicy sotong and spicy pork. There are also prawn and fish. Nice too!

Fidel opening her belated bday present from Jayden.

Outfit of the day was this lovely chiffon dress from MissQueenie. Comes in pink as well!

Jayden took the picture above and exclaimed that the background doesn't look like a shopping mall at all. Haha. And after walking afew steps, we found this awesome background so he shot this one below!

Studded Bag is from TheBlogShop. Love it!

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