Friday, August 12, 2011

CozyCot Holygrail Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011

CozyCot Holygrail Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011

Was invited to attend this event by CozyCot. I was one of the nominees for the Fashionable Lot Award. If you have helped to vote for me, thank you!

The event started off with performance by Vanessa Faith & her band.

Then the award ceremony started! Went up the stage to receive my plaque :)

Here are pictures of some of the other winners.

Nira Chan.

Rachel Kum.

Many of the other winners are well-groomed pretty fashionable ladies, and almost everyone of them wore super high heels, in addition to having super slim and slender legs!

Happy to receive this award. I have to thank all my great apparel sponsors (MissQueenie, Mamatiam, & TheBlogShop) who helped me in achieving it because without them, I'd never be able to own so many pretty clothes.

Love the rings that I wore to the event!

Went to find BF and we had Carls Jr.

I'm a troublesome eater. I always ask for no veg!

BF's burger also have special tag cos he added cheese!

Outfit of the day is from MissQueenie. Love the fit and cutting. The black lace at the sides also gives the illusion of a slimmer figure!

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