Friday, August 19, 2011

Feeling Thankful

As you can see, my new blogskin is up! But then, I don't really like it so I think it'll be changed again soon haha. What do you think? I tried clearing up my sidebar but it's still as messy as ever. Oh well, guess I can't try to be minimalistic while trying to cram so many information.

My pictures is much bigger now (That's why you see bigger pictures for the past few posts. I was preparing for this new blogskin!). It used to be width 500, but now it's 640. Can you count my pores? Lol.

While looking at my blog stats and recent visitors profile, I saw a number of familar faces that I never fail to see (it's not even often that I log into my nuffnang account & yet I see them on the chart almost every single time I do so) and I suddenly felt very thankful.

For those of you who have never stopped reading me since 2006 (that's 5 years already omg!).

For those of you who started reading me at a more chattery stage and is still reading now even though I mellowed quite alot.

Love you all!

My blog readers are definitely a major highlight in my life. All of you are the angels that accompanied me through my life journey in the recent years, seeing me through all my ups and downs. Many new awesome bloggers pop up all the time but thank you for not forgetting me and still coming to my little blog after reading theirs. A long time ago I used to be able to say that I definitely have more readers than many other bloggers in Singapore but obviously now a lot of other girls have more lah cos I'm like super stuck at this level not improving at all. Haha. Nevertheless, it's still a significant number to me and I still count myself lucky (considering the fact that I'm nowhere near being unique/adventurous/controversial/hot/funny/bitchy nor spouting intelligent content on my blog)! I loved all the fun experiences that this blogging career has given me over the years. Really, I don't know what I did to deserve all this but I guess it's to make up for my super-suayness lol. I guess I'm really lucky that I started out early cos I think if I had started now, given my kind of standard, I think at most I can only get 50 readers. Maximum. Haha.

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