Friday, August 5, 2011

Stay in love with love

Went to Clarke Quay with my sis one afternoon and this is one of the many pictures that we took:

Dress from Millywalker

Got lots of backlog to blog but I'm just so lazy and always feel like nua-ing everytime I'm home. It's bad! If I didn't have my school fees to pay for, I don't think I'd be working a full time job. It's just so not me. It feels really horrible to pull myself out of bed early in the morning because I HAVE TO (well, who don't feel horrible about it? haha). I think I need a freelance job where I can fix my own timing to work ^^ That'll be superb.

If I had it my way, if my mum isn't so strict, my dream lifestyle would be to work for just enough money and go for short holidays every month (there are so many budget travel packages nowadays, it's totally possible). I'm just not into working my ass off to earn a pile of money but end up with a mundane life. I just want to enjoy and still earn enough to get by every month. If can earn alot while doing so, of course even better.

Perhaps I'm daydreaming, perhaps I'm just being idealistic. But there are people who can do it, why can't I? Sigh.... if only I had the freedom.

I really love visiting and exploring new places. And taking pictures of myself. Hehehe.

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