Saturday, August 20, 2011

Korean Music Wave

Finally had time to blog about the Korean Music Wave concert! I managed to get tickets to watch the show ^^

I took videos of every single group that performed, but I'll post up the video another day. Havent got time to edit them.

Here are some pictures I took though :) I didn't get zoom lens for my camera, so most of the pictures aren't clear enough... But I enjoyed the concert alot! Especially towards the end!

Erm, I don't recognise who is who. Haha.

Previously I only listened to Miss A's Good Girl Bad Girl before. But after the concert, I had more interest in them and went to listen to all their songs on A Class, and also watch other videos regarding them. I like them now! I like all the members cos I think each of them have their likeable factor in their own way. I also love their dances. And I also love their songs, like Goodbye Baby, Love Alone, Breathe, etc!

I also like 2NE1! Not a fan of their song genre, but I like some of their songs such as Go away, I don't care, and Lonely. Most of all, I like their on-stage charisma and confidence. They got the "sei".

Big Bang! My favourite two members is Top and Gdragon.

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