Sunday, August 28, 2011

Win Movie Tickets!

Movies I watched recently:

Got tickets via Nuffnang and I brought my parents along. It is better than I thought and it's super funny!! I liked how the surroundings are just like the human world, just that cars are the "humans". It really showed the different countries well. Although it's cartoon, but I think children wouldn't understand the story... They'll love the graphics though.

Anyway, do read THIS and join my network in If I win (highest number of people in network), I'll be giving away 60+ tickets to my readers! And that could be you! Only males are allowed in my group though, so do "borrow" your bfs accounts!

I had been wanting to watch this movie after many raving reviews on other blogs but most of my friends have already watched it! Brought my parents along to watch this with me :p I was very afraid that I would be disappointed, because that's usually what happens when you have high expectations. But I wasn't! It was a great movie and I laughed alot. I loved how the movie was realistic and sometimes it's good to watch someone who is equally weak as the rest of us and not like the usual strong female characters.

One of the quotes mentioned in the movie:
"Why can't you be happy for me and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?"


I didn't watch the first one and didn't understand the trailer/description when this movie came out. I didn't intend to watch it but BF had a sudden off day and we didn't have any thing to watch so we booked this show.

Turns out that I love the movie! Hong Kong movies can just never go wrong ^^ The movie was fast-paced and very interesting, because you can't predict the story plot. I think it's quite a unique movie with a different theme from the usual.

Go watch! But it's quite complicated though. BF didn't seem to understand what was going on throughout the movie haha.

Watched it yesterday! And halfway through the movie I totally regret watching it. I wish they stop producing Final Destination movies. I've watched every single Final Destination movie so how could I skip this one right? But when I watch I get super paranoid and scared -_- This is torturing~

I find myself covering my eyes at every gross about-to-get-killed part. Haha. But overall the movie is good lah. And the previous one was more gross than this one. The story had some twist for this one though, so it's not as predictable as the previous ones, although still predictable to some extent. This movie also showed me that any thing could go wrong at a normal situation. So, we all must be more paranoid and careful if not we might harm other people.

Final Destination 1: Airplanes
Final Destination 2: Chain traffic accident
Final Destination 3: Roller coaster accident
Final Destination 4: Racing track accident
Final Destination 5: Suspension bridge collapse

What's next?

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