Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another Home (The 'Other' National Day Video) interpretations

Another Home (The 'Other' National Day Video)

Here are some of my interpretions of the video plus afew others I consolidated from other online commentors!


Mushroom (Analogy used in General Elections 2011)
Tin Pei Ling & Hawker
Passenger slapping driver awake (Analogy used in GE2011 (Noticed the blue shirt and white shirt? Hehe)
Bear (Failed publicity stunt at Ulu pandan road)
Lower-income workers overworked
NS man & Maids (The one whose maid carried army bag for)
TPL and Nicole Seah
YOG ohyeah dance
Blue (WP) umbrellas
SDP democracy bear
Tution Teacher, Taxi Driver, Cleaner, Construction worker, Myopic Students, World Class Chefs, Parking Attendants, Singapore Girl, Peranakan Culture, Intergrated resorts (Man juggling dices)
SG swimming national team's controversial trunks
Deadbodies dumped in reserviors
Singapore submerged in water (flooding)
Fine city (cup)
Guy With Camera
TPL Catchphrase
Reference to fun pack song

Anymore? Please contribute & I'll add on!

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