Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life Updates

Some updates on my life...

I'm currently neither here nor there, just drifting from day to day... I go out very little, prefering to go home straight from work.

Have been reading more books than magazines recently. I remember loving to read when I was a kid and everyone called me bookworm. I stopped reading as I grow up, and then in my late teenage years I got onto magazine-craze. I can finish reading one magazine in less than an mrt ride from town to home. At that time I usually flip fashion magazines. Then I started picking up more of the textual magazines like HerWorld & Glamour, which is an A5 size british magazine. These magazines are probably not suitable for my age but I find the features and stories interesting. About real women out, their mishaps, their feelings. And then some time last year, I started buying books.

Gosh, books are an expensive hobby. I tried borrowing books from library before but I always end up not reading them and paying the overdue fees I don't know why. I also prefer new books, mainstream bestseller type of books. I love chick-lit. Sometimes I like reading thrillers - but they must not be too chim cos I won't understand. Recently I bought a stack of the Sweet Valley University series. One for 50 cents only, because they are 2nd hand. But some of the books are still in mint-condition. It must be my best book purchase ever, because although you think that Sweet Valley is for kids, the university series is quite adult! Maybe I'll head to the library to get more of the university series after I'm done with the ones at home.

Also, when I'm reading a book, you talk to me I won't listen cos I'd be too engrossed. That's why my sis hates it when I read books. Haha.

Anyway, lets quickly clear off some photos I took last month. I had these nails afew weeks back! Cute? Done by Tina! :)

And my toenails done by Gina!

If you go Millys you can look for Tina or Gina. I love them both!

Me and BF decided to take the bus to Changi Village to have nasi lemask on one of our date night out. We go to Changi Village alot for dinner, but usually we have the stingray and seafood stuffs. This time, we are going budget!

This plate of nasi lemak is from the supposedly famous stall. Took him a long time to queue. The rice was fragrant at first but overall, still so-so only lah.

Our relationship has been kinda bumpy for the past few months. There are so many sudden twists and turns that I'm tired out from all the mental toll that it is taking on me. One day we could be sweet and fine and then the next day it seems like yesterday didn't happen at all. It's just so strange. We talked about it many times but it seems like after every single talk, we conclude different reasons to the dent in the relationship each time. Because of that, I could never find a solution to work this out, nor could I explain or describe our situation. There's just so much going on.

However, it does seem that he is still insistent on holding on and staying in this relationship so lets see how it goes. I have to admit we have some kind of communication problem as he is not good at voicing out. I can't read minds either, so it confuses me when certain things happen. I do hope we can get over this hurdle soon.

Met up with Sabrina for dinner. We had soup restaurant! Love their chicken yum yum yum.

This was the curly garlic prawns with mushrooms I think. The sauce is too garlicky though. And the prawn is too small.

Soup! Love restaurant chinese soup. Double boiled and thick in flavour.

Shall stop here for today. Do leave a comment ok? :)

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