Friday, November 23, 2012

Day out with Ben!

Went shopping with Ben! There were initially plenty of items on our checklist but we ended up getting only one off the list.

Before meeting him, I had my nails done at Milly's. I like having my nails done by Chloe from the Far East Branch. I showed Chloe a few ideas I grabbed off the internet and she painstakingly helped me to draw out everything on my nails! Nice? I like it! Plus, it has been quite some time already and the gelish have not chipped yet. Good!

You can copy this photo and show her if you want something like this too! Just play around with the colors for different effect. I feel like doing a similar design but different color on my next visit!

Satisfied my ramen craving when he came! No photo of myself because the lighting in the restaurant wasn't very nice.

Here's my outfit photo for the day. It was raining heavily that day so I could not take a clearer photo out in the sunshine :( Attempted the blur effect to cover those passerbys but failed miserably.

I REALLY LOVE WHAT I WORE THAT DAY! Here's the breakdown:

Top: LYRAMINN - I love this chiffon cropped top! It is very comfy and actually has a cut-out shoulder which you can't see in this photo. I think it is effortlessly chic and easily paired with any bottom too. It comes in dusty pink too. Anyway, Lyraminn is having a promotion at the moment, get 10% off when you join mailing list and 'like' the FB page for a chance to win item of your choice (more info: /!

Accessories: CLUBCOUTURE - Found this necklace which they sponsored me last year, still in its packaging! The simple design and gold color contrasts and pairs very nicely with the top.The matching gold bangle was bought elsewhere a long time back.

Floral shorts: FAR EAST PLAZA - Bought it from one of the shops at the basement. Forgot the unit number though.

Wedges: BUGIS STREET - Found it at $10 and bought it immediately. I'm never one to resist high heels that are so cheap. It is comfy and I love the studs on the strap. I wonder why I bought it a size smaller than my usual though (you can see my toes poking out).... Was it my mistake or the staff mistake?

Bag: Was a surprise gift from my boyfriend several months back. Also the reason why I've been carrying it often. I love how he sometimes randomly buy stuff as a surprise for me on non-occasion days.

We both wore orange shoes that day.

Photos photos!

The photo above was from my camera, and the photo below is from his camera. Why his camera so nice one!!! The color is so nice!

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  1. Hi Esther! Just wanna ask, why Ben always don't look quite good in your blog one? Or should I say he is really smashing good in Photoshop? haha anyway nice nails!

    1. Where got not nice! I think nice leh, haha maybe is angle different? Anyway he looks better in real life than all his photos and my photos lah :)

  2. Your iPhone case is so cute! Where you got it from?

  3. I think I saw Ben last night at Forever 21 Orchard MRT! He was choosing rings and I was just very near to him. Hahahaha wanted to say hello but afraid I got the wrong person :p

    1. Haha. Just shout "Ben!" and see if he turns around or not lor.