Friday, November 9, 2012

Yet Another Family Day

Headed to Changi City Point with the family some weeks back. Love how my outfit that day reminds me of lemons and oranges. Lol.

Yellow hair band (Aries), yellow blouse, simple white bangle, canvas tote ($2, Cotton On), brown weave belt and orange shorts with pretty hem pattern ($19, MissQueenie, comes in grey too), and comfy beige sandals ($10, Bugis Street).

Our lunch! My ramen tasted like maggi mee but not bad lah.

This is going to be a photo entry with not much words again.

Photo with Mummy before the meal. Finally one day I managed to grab the sofa seat before my sis does! Haha.

Dad and Sis.

Had fries and ice cream for tea break~

Photo with Sis.

Went to have prawn noodles outside Expo. Prawn and soup wasn't as nice as I thought it would be but the meat was very tender and yums! The staff were really blur and slow though... Any recommendations on anywhere in Singapore that serves very nice prawn noodles with big prawns?

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