Wednesday, November 7, 2012


***Not sure if have spoilers so if you haven't watch Sinister, don't read this entry. ***

After a tiring day at Pulau Ubin, we decided to spend the evening relaxing! And so we headed to Ehub and booked tickets to watch the movie "Sinister". Not relaxing at all lor, because it's so scary!

When reading the synopsis before watching, I honestly thought it was going to be more "mystery/investigative horror" than "ghostly horror". Like, false alarms type of scares. But no, there were creepy images that I can still remember in my mind right now T_T

But, overall I like that story! I would have preferred it without the gory images (I covered my eyes with my hands multiple times throughout the movie. No, I don't want to see the images thank you), but I think the storyline was logical and all questions were explained towards the end. I did not leave wondering what the shit happen and the big question 'Why', unlike other ghost movies which only aim to scare you but does not explain why.

And so, after that I was so intrigued by strange happenings in old villages / countryside so I have been on Google searching for similar movies and their plot summaries.

I have not plucked up the courage to watch them, but it was interesting enough to read the story line. Some which left an impression was "The Others (2001)", "The Sixth Sense (1999)", "The Omen (1976/2006)", "The Orphanage (2007).

Recommend more good horror movies? I prefer those with explanation and logic one. Haha.

Anyway, my all-time-favorite movies are "Artificial Intelligence (2001)" and "My Left Eye Sees Ghost (2002)". I like a lot of movies but these two are still etched deep in my memory although I watched them a decade ago. They are not horror though, but meaningful movies with good storyline which I think everyone should watch! I wish Sammi Cheng would go back to film more movies.

Also, I super love "earth disaster/doomsday" type of movies, like "The Day After Tomorrow (2004)", "The Core (2003)", "Deep Impact (1998)", "2012 (2009)", "Tidal Wave (2009)", "The Darkest Hour (2011)" - Not sure if these are the exact movies that are good but I remember watching them and I like most movies of this genre. Besides being exciting, the stories are always very inspirational and touching. It shows the selfish/kind side of human nature and team work. Got many more but I totally forgot the titles already because they are all mostly around the same storyline. "Contagion (2011)" is not exactly earth-disaster (more of epidemic) but close enough, and I liked it. Also like to watch those Shark/Piranha/Alligator movies too, very exciting lol.

Oh oh oh! And I just watched "In Time (2011)" on the coach to Genting last month. I love the concept about how 'time is money', and it depicts the wide difference between the rich and the poor. It is a very refreshing idea too. "My Sister's Keeper (2009)" left an impression and I also like "The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)", "Hunger Games (2012)" and "Enchanted (2007)". I just realize that most of the movies which I really like and urge other people to watch, are all stories which are slightly different from the conventional movies and somehow not 'daily life' or stuff that usually happens on the street. I find the script writers amazing!

If I were to list down more I'd go on and on and on forever. Amazing how I planned to only talk about horror movies but ended up drifting further and further away from topic. I haven't even talked about the funny movies.... "Easy A (2010)", "Bridesmaids (2011)", etc.

Okay. Better stop already. Haha. I wish I have more free time to watch movies and TV dramas! At the moment it seem such a waste to spend time on watching shows when I have so little time everyday~


  1. for some of the movies you mentioned, perhaps you should be thanking the awesome authors instead :) for writing such great books to be adapted into the big screen!