Thursday, November 29, 2012

David Foster Live In Singapore

Received a pair of tickets to attend "HITMAN David Foster & Friends Live in Singapore 2012" at work, so I brought bf along. To be honest, other than thinking that his name sounds familiar, I had no idea who he was before this. Turns out he is actually quite famous and is a funny and nice guy!

I knew his songs were not from my generation but I was told that he produced many popular hits and in the opening video I heard many songs that I was familiar with as a child, mostly because my Dad listened to these songs during those days. Thought that I should have brought my Dad along instead as he would really enjoy the show! However, throughout the whole show, only a couple were songs I heard before. He had guest singers with powerful vocals too, which garnered applause from the audience. But what I enjoyed most about the show was David Foster's humour. I find myself looking forward to each of his interaction with the crowd.

We headed to Star Vista earlier to have dinner before the concert. I was craving for Ramen but the restaurant had a long queue. Turns out, every single restaurant there had a long queue. We chose the shortest queue which was at Coco Ichibanya in the end. Not a fan of Japanese curry but no choice as the concert was starting soon.

Happy with my choice of Kimchi Pork.

Outfit was a simple basic dress from
I got it because I felt that it is a basic dress that every girl should have! I'm the kind that seldom re-wear my clothes except for the casual ones which I repeat every week at work. This grey dress though, is different and I can foresee I will wear it multiple times. Versatile and easy to match too. I can change the look easily just by adding a structured blazer for formal look, floral cardigan for cute look and play with different styles. Because it is grey, it can be matched with black or white. The plain design also allows me to coordinate it with any printed outerwear. For my look below, I only pair with a belt as it was a casual day out! I look forward to doing more styles with this dress!

A few days before the concert, I also attended the Gala Opening of The Star Performing Arts Centre at Star Vista.

Photos at the gala dinner.

Sorry for the inconsistency in color treatment!

I had a photo with David Foster there too. He was very friendly!

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