Sunday, November 18, 2012

Jipaban X'mas Wishlist + Giveaway!

When I was a kid, I had this family of childhood friends who got to choose their Christmas presents from a Toy"R"us catalog every year. I chanced upon my friend flipping through the pages and circling the ones that caught her eyes. I remember feeling much envy then, because although I always receive many birthday gifts from my family every year, we never had the practice of exchanging Christmas presents.

Last year though, we had a little impromptu gift exchange at Daiso for Christmas. It was fun! So anyway, it's nearing that time of the year again and I'm thinking of getting gifts for my family and friends again. However, problem is I always have difficulties deciding on gifts for people! I never ever know what I should get.

I'm sure that there are many people out there like me, but fret not because Jipaban is making it easier for us this year! Jipaban made a Christmas Gift Guide for important people in your life, such as your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Kids and Colleagues! It's not just general tips- they even divided it into categories, for example: "The Drama Queen Sister", "The Hipster Sister", "The Fashionista Sister" and so on. I think my sister fits into "Hipster Sister" and I think she will put me into "The Drama Queen sister" Lol. I'm sure you can find a category that fits everyone! Plus, some of the items are very unique gift ideas!!

Also, remember the perk of shopping online - finding everything you need in a single site, at the comfort of your home, and having it delivered to you. Sometimes I kinda hate shopping for gifts because I always go round and round the mall trying to decide what to get and it's so tiring! Plus you need to lug all the items home yourself and in the end you are most likely to spend another $20 on cab because you just want to faster go home and lie on your bed immediately. Just that day poor Ben had to follow me round and round a mall looking for a gift for a friend. I think he got a little irritated in the end cos I cannot decide but he managed to not show it obviously so till now I'm not sure if he was irritated but I bet he was. Hahaha.

Oh and just last month my boyfriend had it worse. He followed me round MULTIPLE malls just to get a birthday gift for another friend. (And I just remembered he also went through the same thing when I was choosing Mother's Day present for my mum earlier this year.) Hahaha. So anyway, lesson is, don't torture your friends and don't torture your legs..... better to get gifts online! You can slowly pick and if you can't decide, you can do other stuff (like reading my blog) and then come back to purchase! At shopping malls you might not even be able to find a bench to sit down and rest lor.

So anyway, I was looking through the items on Jipaban and I found some stuff that I would like for myself too!

Here are some of the items!

Love the colors on this lovely bracelet!

Classic black piece to go with anything for the Christmas and New Year parties~

This necklace below is just so nice!!! I WANT.

Sweet Floral Notebook to add to my collection of notebooks at home. I have many but never use because 不捨得. They are all so pretty!

Gorgeous blue reptile sandals!

I also noticed that Jipaban has loads of creative stuff like this one below which are awesome gifts for quirky friends! This thing is damn cool leh. Now I know exactly how much milk to pour into my coffee.

And of course, if all else fails, $100 Jipaban Gift Voucher so that I can shop more! (Very suitable gift if your friend does not have a defining character and you have totally no idea what he/she would like)

I had so much fun putting together this Christmas wishlist for myself and I seriously pick out things I really want leh, hence, if anybody want to get these items for me please feel free to do so. Hahaha. You should also do up your own Christmas wishlist! Why? Because Jipaban is picking one lucky shopper every week to give them an item in their wishlist! It's like wish come true!!!

How to join the Jipaban Christmas Giveaway?

You just need to share your Christmas wishlist on Jipaban Facebook Page!

Even if you didn't win hor, take it as a "hint list" to make things easier for your friends to get your gifts! Maybe your friends will see your wishlist and get the items you want for you? One stone throw two bird! Haha. But you all will be lucky one lah, my friend saw my previous entry on the Jipaban giveaway and won herself something!



  1. I am the one who won myself something!!! hahahahahahaha. Shall go join this also!! Hope it's double lucky!! Thanks esther :D