Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New hair color!

The bones in my right fingers are aching like mad since yesterday. I wonder why! I asked my boyfriend and he answered "Cos I never hold your hand enough?" Lol, maybe he thought I was trying to get this answer from him but for once I was actually asking a serious question!! He then did some search online and conclude that it is due to prolong usage of the keyboard... No leh, if that is truly the case,why my left fingers don't hurt at all! Maybe it is prolong usage of the mouse? Or prolong usage of holding and typing on my iphone with one hand? Whatever, I hope the pain go away soon because it feels very uncomfortable. It's like, I can feel pain, but have no idea exactly which spot. It seems to be around the 3rd and 4th finger.

Anyway, don't you just hate it when cab drivers purposely drop you off 5-10 metres away from the drop off spot you want to alight even when you emphasized your spot multiple times? I encounter this kind of cab drivers all the time! Like they want to earn that extra 20 cent. It's so irritating especially because I have to walk back and irritating because you know they are doing it on purpose. And then the same cab uncle will round up your metre charge if it is not a full number. If is nice uncle I'm perfectly okay with all this rounding up because some other uncles also will round down for me but it feels especially not "shuang" to give that extra few cents to some uncles who deliberately don't follow instructions and kept the change quietly like it's 理所当然.

Oh well, I just started this entry with 2 paragraphs of rants. Haha. On to some light-hearted news! I dyed my hair at my sponsor Bugis Essensuals earlier this week! My hair is now dark brown!

My bf had persuaded me multiple times to dye another color because he doesn't like my previous color, but I always insisted that I liked my hair being light. I did not tell him beforehand when I visited the salon this time and you know what? When my bf came to meet me for dinner yesterday, he did not realize my hair color change until after the dinner which is like more than 2 hours later -_-"

It's such an obvious change! How can anyone not notice????? Hahaha.

Bf says it looks healthier and less dry now! It's a few shades darker than what I really wanted though. Hopefully it fades off or maybe I'd go back and make it lighter. Now it's like a bit of ashy dark brown color.

A photo taken using the phone... Clearer photos soon!

Bugis Essensuals
241-A Victoria Street
Bugis Village (above Burger King)
S'pore 188030

Tel: 63330039
Ask them questions:

Request for senior stylist Wayne. Remember to quote my name!


  1. You look nice with this hair colour(:

  2. U look better w darker hair. Blonde makes u hideous. I've seen u in PR with wet haystack hair crossing the traffic light to MRT in the morning heheh...

    1. Haha light color hair with no makeup is indeed not very nice.

  3. You're actually looking even greater with darker hair color :))

  4. This hair color suits you well! :)

  5. Last time you blogged abt the hair treatment to treat your hair loss, now I can see that your hair is growing well especially on the top portion. Growing thicker now? Thanks