Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chef Heman's Master Class

Was invited by Celes to attend Chef Heman's culinary class and I accepted immediately before realizing that the location is at Yew Tee. For a person like me staying at the east edge of Singapore, just thinking about the journey feels like a horror story.

I checked out the route using an app the night before and got a huge shock. (Anyway, I'm so reliant on such apps I cannot imagine how people find their way around before smartphones became common. Also, I always check the cab fare and duration before deciding whether taking cab is worth it or not.) 

I'm definitely not going to pay almost $40 for the cab! But taking the train takes 1 hour 30 minutes while taking a bus is more than 2 hours. Siao or what. And I thought Singapore was tiny.

Screenshot the above and sent to bf to complain. Haha. Just nice he found some time in between his errands and offered to drive me and Fiona (I invited her along) to Yew Tee. Lucky us!

We stopped by Jalan Kayu for Bak Kut Teh! I felt that the food was quite nice! Especially loved the Tofu with minced meat and the sesame chicken too.

Outfit of the day is a cute top from Coccomomo.com. Paired it with denim shorts and wedges of similar color.

Photo with Fiona before the class starts!

Chef Heman demonstrated some recipes for Mussels. I'm not a fan of mussels though, but I ate the other stuff!

This was the first dish, Mussels with Curry Mayo, which I didn't taste as it is solely mussels. Fiona say it's nice!

Served in tasting portion, perfect for parties.

Next was Blue Shell Mussels with Korean Vermicelli. I like this dish, though I didn't eat the mussels. Haha.

And my favorite was the last two dish, Yellow Tail Tuna with Fruity Tomyam sauce and Black Marlin with Laksa sauce. The sauce paired very well with the fish.

The dishes all looked relatively easy and quick to cook. The chef dispensed useful information to the participants and I thought that the food are all very suitable to be divided into tasting portions for the party season ahead. Get a few small plates and lay your food nicely like those atas buffet!

A photo with Chef Heman before I left.

There was a session during the past weekend which you have missed but there are two more sessions on 2nd and 9th of December featuring different dishes if you are interested!

Chef Heman has more than 20 years of culinary experience and has participated in many culinary programs, demonstrations and challenges. He has led national culinary teams into competition and has won numerous accolades as well as awards along the way.

These classes are $28 per session and includes food tasting, recipes and goodie bag. The items in the goodie bag were far more than we expected to receive and our moms were very happy recipients of the items!

More info: Click here.

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