Sunday, April 21, 2013

Genting Day Two: Theme Park

Continuing from my previous entry about our short getaway to Genting, on Day two we went to the Outdoor Theme Park! It has been quite a few years since we went to the theme park so we were quite excited!

When we were near the entrance, my boyfriend asked my sister to go queue to buy admission tickets. I was like, "aiya, we accompany her lah, so bad to ask her to queue for us!"  Bf said nothing and brought me to the entrance and turns out he already purchased three tickets earlier! Hahaha. He tricked my sister! So funny because it was 1st April, also April Fool's Day!

By the way, let me tell you all first. Almost every photo in this entry has my face. Haha. But okay lah, only once in awhile right? My usual posts hardly have my face!

My favorite amusement park ride. The pirate ship. The feeling is so shiok yet not as scary as the other rides! We went on it in the early morning and it did not went up high at all! We went down the ride feeling "erm....." Haha. Luckily we went back to sit on it again in the afternoon and this time it was very fun cos it went up really high!

I love how empty the theme park is in the morning! No need to queue and we get to go on more rides within a shorter time! Usually the go-kart have super duper long queue so we decided to head there while it's still early. I won the race by the way! Hahaha. Because my kart was first to go too.

Decided to buy the photo that their official photographer took, because I don't have any photos of myself in a go-kart before! But now I find it a little stupid because this photo cannot really see my face. Why did I put down the helmet's shield!

Then we went on the Corkscrew and had our photo taken too. Also a bit stupid because you can clearly see that it was taken before the ride and not during the ride. Yes, because of that safety belt that is up. Haha. Anyway, this ride was quite funny because it was the first ride that bf heard me scream and while I was screaming throughout the ride, he was laughing away. Haha.

Then bf went up the Spaceshot. Alone. Yes, this is one ride I don't dare to try at all!

We managed to ride on quite a number of rides before lunch. A new speed ride called The Waves was quite fun too. It got me and my sister laughing so hard.

Then, we went on the cyclone roller coaster for the first time after lunch. I never dared to try it in the past because my mum said before that it's very scary. As it was after lunchtime, the queue was already quite long when we joined it. I was all calm and excited while queuing but started to panic when we were almost reaching the front.

Sis and her excited face:

Was quite scary. Haha. But we went on it twice! And the 2nd time we took up bf's challenge to not scream at all. Challenge accepted, challenge won. Haha.

This is us on the coaster almost ready to go!

Then we found a corner which serves as awesome backdrop for taking vain photos! 

See the Flying Coaster ride at the back? We wanted to go on it but it was closed that day! :(

Kena scolded by the staff when I went up this bus. Ignored him and quickly snap this photo first! Haha.

Then, my sandals broke! I only bought it for like a week or something. So lousy! Went back indoors and bought a pair of plain black slipper for RM15 at Cotton On.

We decided to ride on something relaxing for a change so we went to queue for bumboat. The wait was so long it totally wasn't worth the ride! Waste time~

Anyway, my bag was on bf's boat and when my sister bumped into his boat (which was actually overloaded with his DSLR and my bag and my sister's bag *I have no idea why all our bags are with him*), a big splash of water drenched my bag. MY BAG. Tsk.

This happy photo is so contradicting to my above paragraph. Haha. I guess this was before I knew my bag was drenched.

Played the kiddy rides and I really enjoyed them! Hahaha. I was wondering why me and bf so unlucky kept getting the ones that won't fly high. Then while writing this I suddenly thought of maybe it's cos my weight + his weight is too much?

Time for Merry Go Round!

Photo with bf to end this entry. Had an enjoyable day at the amusement park! ^_^

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  1. The amusement park looks great, and the last photo of you and your boyfriend is so cute. Hanna