Friday, April 5, 2013


Always wanted to visit this cafe and finally went there for brunch one fine weekend!

At first the place looked small downstairs but realize that there's a 2nd level with unique furnishings!

Looks like a nice place to chat over afternoon tea!

Those photos were taken by bf. I was too lazy to climb up and stayed on my seat downstairs throughout. Haha.

Yes, this photo below is my current blog banner!

Bf got bagel with salmon for himself. It's too creamy for my liking though.

Very satisfied with my dish, except that mushroom was mushy and bland.

We had raisin scone which was quite nice!

Drink and carrot cake!

Love the light blue blouse with shoulder cutouts that I got from! The color is very lovely! Quote ESTXIE5 for 5% discount on top of 10% off if you join mailing list.

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  1. I never have good luck with mushrooms they all taste like that! -Hanna