Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eno-oka Japanese Restaurant, Dean & Deluca

Photo entry from our recent meetup :)

We went to this little Japanese restaurant that my boyfriend introduced located at Cairnhill Road, behind Paragon. We loved it so much that we went back there again soon after.

A bento with sashimi, tofu, teriyaki chicken and rice only cost $15! Awesome! Both of them ordered this.

Was so torn between ordering that and this tonkotsu ramen ($11) which I eventually ordered. I wanted to eat sashimi, teriyaki chicken, tofu and ramen! Haha.

Wish we had phones with better quality cameras...

I loved the decor and "feel" of this little cozy restaurant. Feels like we are in Japan!

After dinner, we went off to Dean & Deluca for drinks and chit chat. Nice bright place and Ben's milkshake was good! My raspberry drink was not bad either. Too bad we were full and didn't manage to try the pastries.

Ending off with a photo I took and instagrammed there! Follow me on Instagram! (user: theiceangel)

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