Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Getaway - Genting Day 1

So... yep, I went to Genting Highlands AGAIN. Hahaha. During my trip at Awana Longhouse, I won a night's stay at Theme Park Hotel so we decided to have a short getaway. The timing was good because I really needed the 3 days break from work. This time, my boyfriend joined us!

My family stayed in the Theme Park Hotel's deluxe room for the first night and standard room at First World Hotel for the second night.

The view from the window! As compared to First World Hotel, rooms here are bigger and there is at least a view. At First World Hotel, usually is facing just the wall or window of the opposite room! However, I actually quite like First World Hotel too because it's very lively there. Even though the room is tiny, who cares about the size when you are going to be outside most of the time? Theme Park Hotel is older and most people choose to stay in First World Hotel now so it's quite quiet around here.

If you know the other meaning of CCB....

After checking in, we headed for lunch! We wanted to have dimsum but sadly most of the items were sold out by then.

Walked around indoors after lunch but there was no cool air at all! Before coming up to Genting Highlands I was very happy that I am able to finally escape from the sweltering heat in Singapore, but it was equally hot up there. We went outside to the garden hoping for cool breeze but ended up baked under the hot sun -_-"

But since we are already there then lets take some photos!

Family photo!

Another photo with my parents and boyfriend. He brought his DSLR along.... Very heavy! Don't know how he tahan the weight.

I really like this photo of him and me! ^_^ Probably the best photo of us during this trip.

Back indoors, found this nice flowery backdrop so I grabbed my sister for a photo haha.

Time for dinner! My favorite chinese restaurant at Genting Highlands! Restoran Happy Valley.

After dinner we went back to the hotel room to rest for awhile before heading out again. By night time it was misty and colder outdoors. Shiok!

Walked around First World Hotel~

Bf bought tickets for us to enter Haunted Adventure! I have never went in before despite being to Genting so many times!

On the "Elevator" going up.... That's my dad and sis waiting downstairs because they didn't want to go.

We were given "Guns" to shoot some red/blue thingy. Anyway, inside is quite lame. The scary part is because you are walking by foot so it's quite a different experience compared to "ghost trains". Got real people inside giving us scares round the corner too! Or maybe they aren't real... :-O

Got ourselves cup noodles back to the hotel room for supper. Nom nom noms!

Then we watched a movie on the television. "Vantage Point". I was very sleepy by then but the movie was quite interesting so I managed to watched till almost the ending.

Shall end here for Day 1. Next entry will be Day 2, the theme park!

Credit: Cardigan wore in this entry is from! Love the front flow/wave and soft material!

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