Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ramen Keisuke Tori King

Hello people! Today I want to introduce a really yummy ramen place in Singapore!!!

It's Ramen Keisuke Tori King, located at #03-15 Amara Hotel Singapore! I heard they are quite famous and highly raved!

The design is very 60s/70s Japanese retro and I LOVED it. I heard that we usually have to queue but I think we went on a right timing because we got seated immediately. Awesome.

We get to make choices!

Here are our selections:
Me: Tori King Ramen with Flovored Egg + Strong soup + Normal chicken oil + Normal noodle texture + No black fungus.

Bf: Black spicy Tori King Ramen Special (All Toppings) + Strong soup + Less chicken oil + Normal noodle texture.

All toppings means you get Japanese seaweed, flavored egg, and cha siew. Hahaha.

This is his! All ramen comes with that big grilled chicken drumstick.

I prefer mine though. The soup was really VERY thick and VERY strong and VERY flavorsome. It fits my taste bud perfectly! But I think for normal people who don't usually like salty stuff, tick "Normal Soup" instead because "Strong Soup" is really very strong!

I'm so craving for the ramen again right now!

They have sesame seeds for us to pound and add, which apparently makes the soup even better. But I had none of it because the soup was already so good on its own.

Free flow spicy beansprouts and hard boiled eggs! If only it's free flow Japanese egg. Haha. I had one white egg and one brown egg in addition to the one already in my bowl. Wanted to eat more but really too full already. Haha. But I found out that I liked brown eggs more than white eggs....

I want to go back again soon.... Must!


  1. The atmosphere looks really nice Hanna

  2. This looks really good o.O I;m visiting sg soon and would love to try this!! Where is Amara Hotel? Thank you :D

  3. Hi Esther,

    Are you working at Taiseng, Trivex?