Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Advertorial: Sassylicious


Love this sheer camo-print blouse that was sponsored by Sassylicious!  Layering fashion is quite nice sometimes but the thought of having to fight the heat underneath is a real deterrence. That's why I usually wear simple sleeveless dresses. However, I love how the material for this camo blouse is so light that although it is long sleeve, it doesn't feel hot in Singapore's humid weather!

It has a studded front pocket for that extra punch. I think it looks good in black and some accessories! I wore this out to meet my friends last week. Will blog about the meet up another day.

Sassylicious also sponsored me another white chiffon tank top with gemstones at the sleeve area. This piece is versatile and easy to match with any bottom for different looks. Really love the shiny rough gemstones too.

Many other interesting apparels available at Sassylicious too! The shop is quite new but I feel that the featured pieces are very unique and stands out.

Check out Sassylicious on Facebook: http://facebook.com/sassyliciousss?id=316383411800717
Email: sassylicious8 @ gmail.com

You can quote "ESTHERXIE" for a dollar off purchases!

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  1. I think that tank is my favorite its adorable with the gemstones -Hanna