Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Genting Day 2 & 3

Final entry about the short getaway! This entry is really random with photos from Day 2 and 3! Just wanna dump all the photos in this post and move on. Haha.

One thing I look forward to during trips are the food! I love MarryBrown, an alternative to KFC in Malaysia. It's so good, we had it everytime we visit Genting for the past few years!

The coleslaw is quite yucky though. Haha it's like mayo with green beans and carrot. Haha. I'd rather take the salad type of coleslaw anytime.

So, we spent the whole day at the Outdoor Theme Park until closure time at evening! After that was dinner at our favorite buffet place, Coffee Terrace. Nothing worthy to take photos of though. Just a patronizing photo of my dessert plate for the record. Haha.

We went to play at the Indoor Theme Park right after dinner!

We repeated the Euro Express ride several times and then played the bumper car once.

I love how vibrant the night is at First World Hotel. It's like the city that never sleeps.

Then we sat on the slow rides circling at the top of first world hotel.

To be honest, I felt quite scared on this reindeer one and the one pictured above! Haha. We are like so up high and the reindeer ride felt a little wobbly! So relieved to finally be out of the carriage. Sometimes slow rides gives you more time to think too much.

Then, night fell and the sun rise~ Simple final meal at Genting:

Before checking out... Knew we weren't going to do much on the day of return so quickly snapped a mirror photo just so that I have some "Day 3" photos. Haha.

Then, after we checked out and almost about to settle down to wait for the departure time to get up the coach, bf suddenly saw the Flying Coaster moving and asked if we wanted to go for one last ride before heading home! We didn't manage to play it on our theme park day, so we ran to the Flying Coaster which was some distance away. Quite bohua though, because one ticket is RM12, as we could have gone up there for free when we had the outdoor theme park passes yesterday.

The queue was supposed to be fast but the RIDE GOT STUCK. We waited very long and pondered about whether we should give up queuing as it was nearing the coach departure time. But we already got the tickets! So we waited and waited and waited. Finally after very long, the ride was repaired! The queue passed quite fast until we had some people infront of us and it GOT STUCK AGAIN. This time we were so near already, can't possibly give up now right?? But it's only minutes to the coach departure time! Me and sis were panicking so hard that our worrying throughout queuing was the coach departure and not the ride. Hahaha. To be more accurate, I was worried that my dad would be worried. Haha, I knew he is definitely panicking at the coach bay as the time gets nearer to the departure time! We had no means of contacting each other and we were so far away from each other! Even when we finally got up the ride, all that was on my mind is "GET THIS OVER AND DONE WITH QUICK!!!! PLEASE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE DELAYS~~~"

Right after we finished the ride, even before it comes to a complete stop, we were out of the ride and running full speed to the coach bay. We managed to get up the coach in time. Yay.

Ending this entry with a random photo taken at one of our toilet break stops on the way back. I enjoyed myself a lot on this trip! ^_^ (Except the last part, definitely.)

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  1. The white coat you're wearing is really pretty Hanna

  2. U photoshop ur own nose and leave your sister's face untouched... how nice of u